Access to information, its management and its treatment changed in the 20th century with the appearance of audiovisual media, and it has been revolutionized in the last twenty years with the digital environment: a wise person of a hundred years ago would have to adapt to the current way of presenting multimedia and interactive texts to be able to function properly in our world. That is why there is a broad international consensus that the digital competence should work in a specific and transversal way to the rest of the competences in education.

In iteNlearning we have developed own educational technologies aimed at working digital competence, taking into account the contributions of neurosciences and cognitive psychology. In addition, our technologies allow us to work in both English and Spanish. Their diagnostic capabilities, progressivity, personalization, continuous assessment and knowledge of results dose, optimize and maximize the student’s effort.
They follow the line of leading countries in education, such as Finland, which incorporate keyboard interaction in Primary not as an element in the curriculum but as the privileged way of dealing with information. It is considered that students should work with new devices (personal computers, tablets, mobile phones) in a preferred way over traditional methods (writing with pencil and paper) because they allow a much higher range of possibilities. All this while continuing to work fine motor skills, which calligraphy exercises both help to develop.

In iteNlearning we have editorial projects that allow students to incorporate this new paradigm. In addition, they have a double approach:

  • Keyboard Recognition. Oriented to the development of writing as a direct expression of the person who writes. Especially suitable for the first formative stages.
  • Operation of Keyboards. Oriented to the development of the writing with origin in the copy or dictation, and with basic objective of acquisition of mecanographic fund. It presents a higher level of demand. Suitable for later stages of training, professionals and opponents.

There is more information about our offer on their website.