In 2008 the teachers of Extremadura incorporate a new project: the Virtual Laboratory of Literacy. There is more information on their website.

In 2.013 and 2.014 the Extremadura teachers work with the virtual Literacy and Mathematics Laboratory in the European ITEC project. There is more information on the websites of the projects ITEC 2.013 y ITEC 2.014.

In 2015, two comprehensive projects were developed for the contract «SUPPLY, IMPLEMENTATION AND SERVICES OF MANAGEMENT OF CHANGE, FOR THE COMMISSIONING OF A VIRTUAL LABORATORY OF LECTOSCRIPTING AND A VIRTUAL MATHEMATICAL LABORATORY» Exp.029 / 14-sv executed for Red.es and the Counseling of Education of the Junta de Extremadura.

The Virtual Laboratory of Literacy (LVL) and the Virtual Laboratory of Mathematics (LVM) cover technology, editorial project, training and change management. We can access laboratories from your website.

We can also know the laboratories through their training material for teachers that we can find on your website.

We also provide you with the following documentation:

Research report. Virtual Laboratory of Reading and Writing. See the full text (PDF).

Research report. Virtual Mathematics Laboratory. See the full text (PDF).