The educational technology of iteNlearning is always based on the approaches of neuroscience. Therefore, in our proposal on how to make the personalized monitoring of the student, we are very clear that it can not remain in a simple review of how the contents have been received, as is usual in the usual Learning Management System (LMS) . In iteNlearning we have developed own Virtual Learning Environments (EVAs) for the administration, management and monitoring of the learning processes based on the contributions of Science and Technology of Knowledge.

These platforms are an innovative project to improve education that puts the construction of knowledge before the mere transition of information.

They develop the intelligent management of learning through artificial intelligence techniques:

  • Continuous evaluation of results.
  • Error treatment.
  • Follow-up of the work, with the issuance of reports at any moment of the process.

They incorporate a intelligent learning manager, which interacts with the student both by providing immediate and medium-term feedback, reconfiguring content for future sessions. It uses Artificial Intelligence techniques, and manages some of the most important features about how our brain learns:

  • The custom memory curve of each student. With reinforcements to consolidate the working memory and individualized systematic refreshments according to personal performance to ensure long-term memory </ strong>.
  • The immediate interaction (learning by discovery): automated feedback of reinforcement before success, according to the neuropsychological model, and treatment of the specific error, according to the error that the student has committed, and according to the applied neuropsychological model.

In addition, the intelligent EVAs of iteNlearning allow the content to be addressed as independent objects or grouped together. They are also prepared for two work modes:

  • Interaction in personal computer. For the individual work of each student separately.
  • Interaction in digital whiteboard. To work in a group. An ideal option for the classroom.

There is more information about our knowledge construction management platforms on their website.