One of the most researched aspects in neuroscience is the processing of language. The discoveries that are being produced allow us to understand how language learning occurs. In iteNlearning we have developed our own educational technology that applies these advances to our multimedia educational products. Our <strong>specific educational technology for language learning</strong> has several <strong>elements</strong>:
<li><strong>Interaction engines, general for all languages</strong>. It is the basis of work. An educational technology developed to manage the interaction of linguistic elements that can be applied to any language in the world.</li>
<li><strong>Databases of each language</strong>. In iteNlearning we have developed all the specific elements of the Spanish language and the English language.</li>
The combination of these elements with the rest of our educational technology allows <strong>to tackle any digital project of language learning</strong> successfully. For example, to create a Finnish language course, you would only have to rely on linguists who are experts in that language to feed the Finnish-specific databases and correctly apply the interaction engines.

If you are a publisher or an institution dedicated to the creation of content of language teaching and want to expand information, please <a href=»» target=»_blank» rel=»noopener»>contact</a> us and we will explain in detail how we can work together.