The area of Literacy and Language is fundamental in itself as a field of knowledge, but also, given its instrumental nature, it is key to the complete cognitive development of students in the aspects of language and verbal Our brain thinks verbally, and linguistic competencies shape our thinking. That is why for more than twenty years we have been working in a special way. In particular, iteNlearning has developed its own educational technologies in the field of Literacy and Language, as well as own digital publishing projects. We also have specific courses for teachers who work in Literacy and for teachers of Language, as well as specialized support.

In this field we have also developed integral literacy projects for clients, covering technology, editorial project, training and change management. An example is the Virtual Language Laboratory, executed for and the Regional Ministry of Education of the Junta de Extremadura.

1.- Own educational technologies for Literacy and Language

Our educational technologies for Literacy and Language have several characteristics that make them unique in the market. In the first place, their interaction is created according to the neuropsychological model: their intention is that the brain of the students develops specific neuronal networks of the linguistic field through:

  • Reinforcement before success.
  • Error treatment.
  • Adaptive reconfiguration of the content according to the response.

This proprietary technology for the field of Literacy and Language works especially several competitions in this area:

  • Linguistic competence For 2nd and 3rd cycle of Primary, and ESO.
  • Understanding of grammatical structures. For Primary.
  • Spelling competence For 3rd cycle of Primary, ESO and Bachillerato.

2.- Editorial projects

Our own editorial projects in the field of Literacy and Language have several complementary types of content:

  • Curricular contents, in accordance with educational laws.
  • Diagnostic evaluations. To analyze the individualized process of construction of the student’s knowledge.
  • Curricular diversification. Materials and specific contents of Language for students with Special Educational Needs.

In addition, all iteNlearning editorial projects have five types of formats:

  • Welcome book.
  • Diagnostic evaluation and personalized plan for each student.
  • Competency notebook. To work on specific literacy and language skills.
  • Text book. With the curricular content.
  • Summer book. Personalized for each student according to his performance.

The materials are flexible, because they allow several modalities of assignment of contents:

  • For the authors of the editorial project, with its own sequencing.
  • By the teacher, according to their criteria.
  • For artificial intelligence, according to the performance of the student.

In particular, the editorial projects of iteNlearning for the field of Literacy and Language are:

  • Cognitive Spanish Language. It is the embodiment of the neuropsychological model applied in the school for the acquisition of linguistic competence in Spanish. Designed specifically for the Primary level, but also applicable to other levels, since its follow-up ensures the full development of linguistic competence, key to educational success: school failure is given because students pass the course without having acquired the competences . There is more information about the Cognitiva Castellana product on its website. You can also download this PDF brochure.
  • Literacy and Language in Early Childhood Education. In iteNlearning we have developed several editorial projects for Children that have curricular contents of Literacy and Language for that level. They are the following:
    • EduREC Early Childhood Education. There is more information on their website.
    • EduREC English Early Childhood Education.The same material, but with the adapted contents (it is not a mere translation) to work directly with the English language. There is more information on their website.
    • EduREC Multilingual Early Childhood Education. The same material, with the advantage that students can work simultaneously Spanish and English. There is more information in their website.
    • REC cognitive stimulation. Specific material for Special Educational Needs in Children. There is more information in their website.

3.- Training and management of educational change

In iteNlearning we have specific courses focused on teachers in the area of literacy and language teachers, both in the field of this area, as well as more specific about how our technology and our editorial projects enhance the teaching and learning processes.

Along with this, we also provide support and support to teachers. Not only in relation to technical or functional aspects of the tools, but also with pedagogical and didactic advice specific to the language.
4.- Example of a comprehensive project: the Virtual Language Laboratory.

This is a project executed for and the Ministry of Education of the Junta de Extremadura, which combines all the previous elements: provision of specific technology for Literacy and Language, along with a complete editorial project, more training for teachers and management of the educational change. There is more information on their page within the Education website of the Junta de Extremadura.