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What are Pro EdTech Tools?

Pro EdTech Tools are the result of Cognitive Sciences (studying the learning process of the brain) and Information Technologies, which allow the implementation of validated educational standards into existing educative environments and improves its results.

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1 Scientific universe

Based in Cognitive Sciences, which study how the brain learns. These investigations have determined the key milestones and moments that occur during each student’s brain development, setting up educative standards and frameworks.

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2 Validated

After several years of research and development, the Pro EdTech Tools have been validated thanks to its implementation in real school environments. Its use, with more than 10.000 students, have allowed to constantly evolve and validate them. Thanks to several projects and successful case studies, Pro EdTech Tools ability to improve students’ results has been proven.

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3 Adaptive learning

It allows adaptive learning in three levels:

  1. By interacting with the student: learning from the mistakes
  2. During the learning process: memory curves.
  3. Thanks to personalized plans: respecting each student’s own learning process.
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4 Gamified metacognition

There is not real learning process if the student is not consciously aware of his/her own progress.

Consequently, videogames dynamics are not the best tools for it.

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5 Learning analysis

The teacher is able to gather valuable information regarding the learning process and evolution of each student, which allows him/her to evaluate the level of Neurodevelopment achieved by each of them in every level.


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Our Pro EdTech Tools have been validated and its scientific base has been proved

Implementation of Pro EdTech Tools in school environment

Projects and successful case studies implemented by iteNlearning which have: improved the results and satisfied the scholastics.

Global Mathematical solution

Launched in 2016, Pro-Futuro’s mission is to reduce the educative gap existing in the world through digitally-based and qualitative education offered to children from different vulnerable backgrounds within Latin America, the Caribbean, Africa and Asia. It is one of the biggest EdTech initiatives currently existing at an international level, which has already reached 10 million students by the end of 2019.

In 2020, iteNlearning has become one of Pro-Futuro’s global suppliers for Mathematics focusing on children between 6 to 12 years old, proposing a project to develop Mathematical Competence based in scientific evidence. .

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Pro EdTech Tool focused Primary Education oriented to developing mathematical competences.

Mind ON

Pro EdTech Tool for Childhood Education oriented to develop students’ basic and superior cognitive processes.

Reference Schools

About iteNlearning

iteNlearning is a EdTech company that studies Cognitive Sciences while merging them with Advance Computing in order to evolve the current educational paradigm. A laboratory of ideas that has dedicated to investigating and developing Frameworks and Pro EdTech Tools for Education.

iteNlearning’s objective is to create educative standards that will allow the implementation of validated models within school environments through Pro EdTech Tools which ensure student’s optimus brain development (Competential Neurodevelopment).

Our mission is to generate an leap in Education in order to make it:

  • Equal: offering students the same opportunities regardless their socioeconomic and cultural background
  • Adaptive: based in each student’s individual needs
  • Validated: based in validated scientific knowledge
  • Economically viable: through Pro EdTech Tools and sources available to everyone

When our software is used systematically and in the right way, the results obtained with students are not only improved, but also students are able to achieve the highest levels of competence.

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iteNlearning is always searching for new brilliant talents within the EdTech sector and Cognitive Sciences. Tell us about you!

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