In iteNlearning we have been researching, developing, implementing and improving educational technology for more than twenty years. Since the beginning of our work, in 1995, we have been guided by a series of basic principles, which we always apply:

  1. Neuropsychological model. There are many companies and groups of developers active in the field of educational technology, creating content, resources and varied applications. Many of them have pedagogical advisors, but there are few who take into account in their work that the development of key competences and the acquisition of culture can not be done in any way, but both are conditioned by the way the brain learns. Cognitive psychology and neuroscience are disciplines that are experiencing very important advances, thanks mainly to the application of new neuroimaging techniques to psychological research and learning. In iteNlearning we think that the development of educational technology should not be based solely on pedagogical theories, but should be based on the scientific knowledge available on how the human brain learns to be truly effective and efficient.
  2. Adaptive learning. Since 1995 the educational technology of iteNlearning creates a personalized learning of the content and also of the process for each student. Its objective is to perform the tasks necessary for each individual to develop their base competence. And this is achieved by following several strategies:
    1. In all our developments, the selection of educational content to work can be done:
      • Through direct election by the student.
      • Through adaptive learning sessions (multiphase). With an automatic temporalization of the contents (see point 3).
      • As a class review based on previous work done by teachers and students.
    2. Our educational technology works the process of knowledge construction based on the characteristics (according to the neuropsychological model) of each student:
      • Treatment capacity of the specific error, according to the error committed, and according to the applied neuropsychological model. Interactive error treatment.
      • Reinforcement before success. Also interactive and always according to the applied neuropsychological model.
    3. Smart timeframe of content
      • Automatic management of the learning curve. Through artificial intelligence our educational technology takes into account the specific characteristics of the memory of each student.
      • Treatment of the memory curve. The educational technology of iteNlearning intelligently manages the memory curve of each student to consolidate learning also in long-term memory, and achieve full competence.
  3. Gamification. It is a trend very current in recent years under this name, but has been taken into account by iteNlearning always in their developments. Our technology incorporates elements and mechanics of games to enhance learning.
  4. Metacognition. A full competence is only achieved through a conscious learning on the part of the students. Our technology allows each student to individually understand what he is learning, what steps he has taken and what awaits him next.
  5. Analysis of learning. For some time now the trend of learning analytics has grown from the big data collected in the students’ interaction with the contents, although there are still few companies that implement it properly. , and less in the specifically educational field. In iteNlearning we take another step because our technology allows us to make a analysis of differentiated learning:
    1. At the teacher level.
    2. At the student level.
    3. At the family level.