Development and application in EDITORIAL PROJECTS

Usually, when talking about educational publishing projects in the digital field, we usually talk about digital textbooks. In iteNlearning we go much further, because with each editorial project we create a set of contents and formats. In this way, and in our more than two decades of work, our digital educational publishing projects share the following features:

  1. Multiple and complementary content types:
    • Curricular contents. According to educational laws. Presented in a native format designed for the screens from its very conception: we do not do mere “digitizations” of previous contents on paper.
    • Diagnostic evaluations. Here the digital interaction does not seek the transmission of knowledge, but its evaluation. Furthermore, an evaluation is not made simply on the assimilation of contents by students (as is usually the case), but for each one of them their individualized process of knowledge construction is ascertained. The objective is to enable a true adaptive learning.
    • Curricular diversification. With specific materials and contents for students with learning difficulties and special educational needs.
  2. Specific formats for each moment of the course:
    • Welcome book. Of use at the beginning of each school period
    • Diagnostic evaluation and personalized plan. We generate personalized content for each student.
    • Competence notebook. To work specifically all the competences involved in each curricular area
    • Textbook. With the curricular contents according to the educational laws in force at each moment
    • Summer book. Different for each student depending on their performance during the course.
  3. Flexibility. Content assignment can be done:
    • For the authors of the editorial project (iteNlearning). As it usually happens.
    • By the teacher. Each teacher can customize the assignment of content according to their interests for each classroom or student.
    • For the application, automatically using artificial intelligence, depending on the results of the student, and their work in different formats: welcome book, diagnostic evaluation and personalized plan, and summer book.